Mykonos Or Ibiza? You Be The Court

An inquiry we obtain asked quite usually is, "Should we go to Mykonos or Ibiza"? There seems to be some type of inter island competition. This year Kim and I determined to do both islands back to back as well as see which we suched as much better.
I'll cut to the chase. Kim and I personally like Mykonos far better!
Let's talk a little concerning Ibiza first ...
Remarkably, Ibiza is method prettier than I thought in some locations and way dirtier than I thought in others. As a number of you possibly understand Ibiza is a CRAZY party spot. I indicate non quit partying. It never ever, ever before, ever, ends! It resembles some kind of scientific research experiment to see the length of time you can go without sleep. It's absolutely over the leading nuts!That stated, I do however assume it's absolutely worth it to visit Ibiza (and also I would certainly go once again). You just need to recognize what you're entering. Ibiza is mainly 20-something doing medications and also partying until they drop. The medical facilities literally set up IV drips outside clubs to assist over indulgers back on their feet.

Ibiza is a complete electronic music town. There are DJ's anywhere! You'll locate DJ's in restaurants, supermarket as well as possibly under your sink in your bathroom. They truly are everywhere! I personally believe that's an advantage. I like it! Ibiza scores the greatest headlining DJ's in the world. We saw David Guetta, Swedish Home Mafia, and Avicci while we were there. They were all incredible programs and absolutely worth seeing.So why is Mykonos much better you're possibly asking?
OK, below's the point - various other than the partying, I didn't find Ibiza to be as lovely as Mykonos or have as much to use like fantastic dining establishments and also great culture.Yes, Ibiza is really quite in spots. I understand there are attractive provincial spots like Formentera but we just stayed in Ibiza correct so I can't truly comment on that.
Having 2000 ravers outside your door every night until twelve o'clock at night is insane!But this, my buddies, is Ibiza! We loved Ibiza as well as will be back for sure. All in all, Ibiza is an extremely close second to Mykonos.
Currently let's talk a bit regarding Mykonos ...
Mykonos has all of the above positives that Ibiza does and as well as much more! If you love headlining DJ's, there are even more than you'll have time or energy to see.
There is just that abstract thing that you cannot put your finger on with Mykonos. Well, it's the Greek individuals. They are incredibly warm caring as well as kind even in the midst of the crazy recession that they are in.
Below's what I suggest - The resort we remain in is called The Andronikos Hotel. The Andronikos hotel has this ideal mix, making you feel like you're part of an incredible Greek family members as well as staying in a hip resort with real (not produced) heart.
Our friends, Elsa and also Gianni of Mykonos Exclusive transformed us on this location. here Elsa as well as Gianni are the King and Queen of Mykonos. They understand every little thing as well as everybody. They have the key to the island and also could open up doors for you that you never ever even understood existed.
Truthfully, whether you select to go to Mykonos or Ibiza, you will have a fantastic time. Go to Mykonos!

A concern we obtain asked rather commonly is, "Should we go to Mykonos or Ibiza"? Allow's speak a little about Ibiza first ...
Interestingly, Ibiza is way means than I thought believed some areas locations and also means than I thought in others. OK, here's the point - other compared to the partying, I didn't locate Ibiza to be as attractive as Mykonos or have as much to provide like excellent restaurants as well as fantastic culture.Yes, Ibiza is really pretty in spots. Now allow's speak a bit about Mykonos ...
Mykonos has all of the above positives that Ibiza does and and also much more! Honestly, whether you choose to go to Mykonos or Ibiza, you will certainly have an outstanding time.

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